Prof. Jitendra Nath Srivastava

Dr. Jitendra Nath Srivastava

Chief Proctor – Invertis University, Bareilly

Dr. Jitendra Nath Srivastava

On behalf of Invertis University , Bareilly, we are very pleased to be working closely with Shreyanshi Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. to provide the summer training programs and international MTA Certification to our students.

The University greatly values the care and the support it receives from MTA Certification throughout the year for industrial training that it providing to the students of University and offering such a high level of service simply ensures that our students can learn more about subjects and current market technologies.

The University looks forward to continuing to work closely with  Shreyanshi Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. team for many years to provide training and practical knowledge to our students in future years.